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A spine in motion is a healthy spine. Spinal flexibility is achieved through motion assisted spinal adjusting with the help of a specialized chiropractic adjusting table known as a Leander Table. Here is a youtube video explaining the techniques employed by a Leander Table doctor. Bulging and herniated discs can be helped too. Bring in your MRI scan for a free MRI review by Dr. Burbank.  <----  or click here for the video

Here is our Leander Table:

Call today for your free consultation to see if Leander Table technique can help with your back pain or neck pain.

Dr. Wade Burbank, Chiropractor * and Leander Table Technique doctor
6403 NE 117th Ave #108
Vancouver WA 98662
ph 360-567-1739

*20 year specialist in treating car accident injuries, work place injuries, and neck and back pain.

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