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People often do not know what to say to the insurance company after a car accident.  Never be rude to your insurance or the other party's insurance company.  Kindness gets you further at the beginning. The insurance company will ask you to provide a statement as to what happened in the accident. Saying the wrong thing can cause a huge problem in the future.  Omitting key information can cause problems in the future. You are not required to give a statement about the accident right away. Simply tell the insurance company you are not feeling well and prefer to give a statement a some future time. Sometimes you do not feel the full extent of your injuries for a few days and perhaps a couple of weeks after the accident. You do not want to misrepresent yourself as being 'not that hurt' when in a day or two later the pain starts to feel worse. The insurance adjusters work for the insurance company and it's their job to pay out as little as possible regarding your injuries. They will try to find ways to blame your injury on something else or minimize the full extent of the injuries.  Do not fall for this tactic. The insurance company is not your friend once you open an car accident injury claim. The insurance is only your friend when you are giving them money (eg. paying your car insurance bill). When you open a claim, you are now creating a situation where they are now going to give you money. Insurance companies try not to give out money easily. You may want to talk to a good personal injury lawyer before giving a statement to the insurance company.

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