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Vancouver WA Chiropractor helps elderly man in his 70's recovery from his back pain. The provided pain relief has helped him to continue to work as a custodian, even though he could retire, but chooses not too. The key to his back pain relief is gentle massage with traction at the same time. Special spinal traction equipment (known as Leander Table Flexion Distraction) and gentle massage techniques prepare the spine for corrective adjustments even a man in his 70's can benefits from.  If you have been thinking about finally getting a chiropractor to check your spine, call 360-567-1739 for a free evaluation.  Dr. Burbank has 20 years experience with treating people of all ages. The record is a 95 year old women who was helped by Dr. Burbank. Most insurance accepted.

Dr. Wade Burbank, Chiropractor *
6403 NE 117th Ave #108
Vancouver WA 98662

ph 360-567-1739 

*specialist in treating car accident injuries, work place injuries, and neck and back pain.

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