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Should I get a lawyer right after my car accident? Many people ask this question when they come in for treatment after an accident.  If you did not cause the accident, you should probably get a lawyer. Most of the time people benefit from consulting with a lawyer after an accident. You generally need a lawyer to help you deal with the insurance company of the person who caused the accident. The insurance company has lawyers who work for them and so you will need someone to help you. Most good lawyers will not require you to pay them anything until you win your case with the insurance company. The lawyer gets paid when you get paid your settlement from the insurance company.

Settling with the insurance company may take month to years. Do not settle too soon after being injured in an accident.  Some auto accident injuries take months or years to heal and even some injuries are permanent. You should never settle until you know how your injuries will effect you in the future. You should never settle your claim until after all your treatments are completed.  Only time will tell if you have a permanent injury that will not completely resolve, so do not settle your claim too soon.  Permanent injuries usually mean your claim is worth more money.

You will need to prove that you were injured in a car accident. Medical records from hospitals, chiropractors, PT clinics and doctor offices is your proof of injury. Make sure you go to health professionals who understand the importance of medical records in auto accident cases. Poor record keeping can hurt your claim with the insurance company.

There is a time limit to settling your claim. In Washington State you have 3 years from the date of the accident to settle your claim, in Oregon it is 2 years.  Do not let these dates go by without legal action or you will lose your opportunity to settle or sue the insurance company.

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