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Do not let anyone tell you that low speed accidents do not cause injury to people in the car.  Small damage to your car does not necessarily mean people were not injured.  Even parking lot accidents cause pain and injury to persons in the car. One thing that causes pain in low impact accidents is being unaware that the accident is about to happen. If you do not see the accident coming, you cannot brace for it and therefore most likely will suffer more damaging effects from the impact.  People with spinal arthritis, disc problems and other pre-existing spinal conditions are particularly susceptible to worsening spinal pain after a low impact collision. The accident may not have caused you pre-existing spinal problem, but an accident injury on top of it can definitely make it much worse. If fact, having a pre-existing  spinal condition makes it more difficult to fully recover from a car accident injury (It also takes much longer to recover too... even many months to years). Women often suffer more substantial injuries than men in auto accidents due to less (and usually weaker) musculature around the spine. Call our office if you need help after being injured in an accident. We have 20 years experience in helping those injured in accidents.

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*20 year specialist in treating car accident injuries, work place injuries, and neck and back pain.

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