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All pain is nerve pain. Nerve endings in your muscles, ligaments, tendons (and mostly everywhere else in your body) transmits pain signals that travel up your spinal cord and into your brain. This is why everyone feels pain. People who are quadriplegic cannot feel any pain from the neck down because the nerves in the spinal cord are not transmitting any pain messages to the brain. You cannot feel pain until the pain message traveling in the nerves/spinal cord reaches the brain. 

You cannot feel pain from structures like the tips of your fingernails or the ends of your hair because these body part have no nerve endings. You can clip your nail and cut your hair without causing pain. 

Another body part that does NOT have nerve endings is cartilage. You can be slowly damaging the cartilage in your spinal joints, knee joints or hip joints and feel no pain until the cartilage wears away....then you feel pain because when the cartilage is gone you have arthritis (aka osteoarthritis). So just because you feel no pain does not mean things are going great. Car accidents injuries, work injuries and sport injuries are often ways that initiate the damage to cartilage leading to future arthritis.

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