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You need to tell you health care provider a complete and detailed medical history of yourself.  It is important to reveal all medical history, especially of regions of your body that may have been injured prior to the car accident. Do not try to hide prior injuries from your doctor. This may come back to haunt you.  A prior injury does not mean your current car accident injury does not exist.  It means you need to determine what percent of your current medical diagnosis is the result of the recent accident and what percent of the injury is due to prior or pre-existing medical problems. Often this is what happens.... prior injuries fully resolve without residual effects to your body and you felt fine until the car accident caused a new injury to the same body part. In cases like this, the car accident is 100% the cause of your current medical condition. Let your medical provider know all the details of the car accident so that a mechanism of injury can be determined. In order for the car insurance company to accept your injury claim, you need to explain how the accident caused your  current injury. This is called the mechanism of injury. Tell your health care provider all the signs and symptoms of your injury related to the car accident. Sometimes symptoms related to the car accident do not appear immediately after the accident. Sometimes you do not feel the full effects/pain from the car accident injuries for days. This is common.

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